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Scrabble Solver. Fast, easy to use online Scrabble Cheat and Word Finder. Finds all valid words from up to 12 entered letters. Optimised for all mobile devices.

Fast, easy to use online Scrabble Cheat and Word Finder. Finds all valid words from up to 12 entered letters.The number one Scrabble Word Finder for finding all the Scrabble words you need. Optimized for all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Finds all valid words from up to 12 entered letters. With advanced tools including "Begins With", "Ends With" and "Contains".

Our Scrabble Cheat can also be used for other online puzzle games such as Scrabble, Literati, Jumble Words, Text Twist, Hanging With Friends Cheat, Word Whomp, Scramble With Friends Cheat, Chicktionary, Words With Friends cheat, Wordscraper, Lexulous, WordFeud cheat and Solver for many other online games.

Our Scrabble Cheat also has Scrabble Word Lists for Words with Q and Words with Z. Other lists include J Words and X Words, and when stuck with all consonants and vowels there ares lists for Vowel Words and Consonant Words

Scrabble Solver uses a TWL Scrabble Dictionary and the SOWPODS Scrabble Dictionary.

Scrabble Cheat is really easy to use; simply enter up to 12 letters, click the Solve button and the results will be produced. Use ? for blanks.

Scrabble News

Wellington Jighere: Meet Nigerian who won World Scrabble Championship

Pulse Nigeria - January 13, 2016

He broke into worldwide attention when he won the English-Language World Scrabble Championship, becoming the first African to do so. Back in November 2015, Wellington Jighere won four straight games in the best-of-seven final round against Lewis ...

Meet the world Scrabble champ

BBC News - December 31, 2015

Wellington Jighere from Nigeria is the current World English-language Scrabble Champion, and the first African to win. BBC reporter Martin Patience went to Lagos to meet the superstar - Hear how he got on when he challenged Wellington to a game.

Microsoft asked people to vote on the successor to 'Minesweeper' - and they ...

Business Insider - December 24, 2015

Microsoft asked people to vote on the next game from its Casual Games studio, the part of the company that makes "Minesweeper" and "Solitaire," and the results are in: It's a word game. The blog post announcing the decision is light on details beyond a ...

Microsoft's next casual game is another Scrabble clone

VentureBeat - December 23, 2015

Microsoft Casual Games announced today that its next title will be Microsoft Ultimate Word Games, which is similar to the popular board game (and/or the mobile hit Words With Friends). This was actually the result of a community vote, which gave people ...

Champion Scrabble players use their brains differently to spot words

Daily Mail - December 17, 2015

Scientists have found that experienced Scrabble players use different parts of their brains than everyday players - particularly those associated with working memory and visual perception. This helps them form words from the letter tiles quickly (stock ...

Learn these 8 Scrabble words to supercharge your game

Vox - December 8, 2015

All of these words appear in the online Scrabble dictionary and will help you dump letters you don't want or utilize them in valuable ways. While Scrabble maker Hasbro provides a comprehensive list of valuable two- and three-letter words (as well as "q ...

FNQ Scrabble whiz sets her sights on world championships in Paris

The Cairns Post - November 21, 2015

The Innisfail schoolgirl last month placed second in Australia and 56th in the world at the World Youth Scrabble Championships in Perth, where she was up against 120 players aged from eight to 17. Now the precocious 12-year-old has her sights set on an ...

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